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Treatment of Facial, Nose and Neck Bleeding:

Occasionally nosebleeds (epistaxis), bleeding from trauma or bleeding from a tumor cannot be controlled by conservative measures. Using angiographic techniques,It is possible to inject arteries with a substance that closes the leaking vessel, thus halting bleeding. This process, called embolization, is performed in the neurointerventional suite while a patient is under sedation. First, a diagnostic angiogram of the problematic area is performed. Once the site of bleeding is identified, a microcatheter is advanced to the area of bleeding and particles are injected to permanently close the artery. 

After embolization, most patients are observed in hospital overnight to determine the procedure was fully successful.


Angiogram images of the sphenopalatine arteries of the nasal septum prior to embolization
by the neurointerventional team at Saint Luke's Hospital of Kansas City.


We are located at Saint Luke's Hospital of Kansas City, on the Country Club Plaza.

4401 Wornall Road
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Appointments are made by Jessica Kelsey, RN. She may be reached by telephone Monday through Friday 8 to 5 at (816) 932-2549.

New Patients

New patients should be referred by their primary care physician, neurologist, ophthalmologist or neurosurgeon.  On the first visit, patients should be prepared to bring medical records, a referral letter, and X-rays and scans.


Records may be sent in
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Department of Radiology, A Level
4401 Wornall Road
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Records and correspondence may be faxed to (816) 932-5753.

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